back drift scan image at declination 65
Informations to the image:
seconds per line 0.389385, focal length = 750 mm , effective exposure time is sec 198.58 ,
temperature of the CCD -17.799621 degree C
Date begin=11/27/99 , Time begin=02:26:18 , Date end=11/27/99, Time end=02:32:52 , Camera=ST-7
CCD width x 765 pixel, CCD height y 510 pixel, pixelheight 0.009 mm, image height 1000, image width 765, the image was rotated so the width is now 1000, the height is now 765.
The stars at the north and at the south are enlarged a little by dirrerential trailing east to west.
Orientation: (The image was rotated 90 deg clockwise)
The begin is in the west.